About Us

WS Education (WSE) is an imprint of World Scientific Publishing Co, a global publishing house founded in 1981 by Professor and Mrs K K Phua with the support of two Nobel Laureates.

We were set up to develop the highest quality children’s and educational print & digital books for children, youth, parents and families worldwide. We focus on three age groups: Children (3-8 years old), Children (6-12 years old), and Youth (12-18 years old).

We are passionate about promoting two themes: the Asian theme and the Science theme.

The Asian theme. We aim to bring to the spotlight stories and developments from Asia. We want to fill the gap of Asian-themed children’s and educational resources in the English-speaking market.

The Science theme. We aim to be the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) children’s publisher for Asia. Our books will focus on educating, engaging and entertaining children with STEM themes, in particular, Science and Mathematics.

Through our products, we aim to develop curiosity and a sense of discovery in children. We want to make Asian and Science themes accessible and relevant for children, and to equip them with STEM resources for their education.

From 2021 onwards, most of our titles will contain Augmented Reality (AR) elements. Children will be able to use a free downloadable app to scan pages in WSE books to access bonus material, quizzes, animation videos and 3D models of the content, hence adding a special dimension to their reading and learning experience.

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