About Us

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WS Education (WSE) is an imprint of World Scientific Publishing Co, a global publishing house founded in 1981 by Professor and Ms Doreen Liu with the support of two Nobel Laureates.

We develop the highest quality print & digital books for children, youth, parents and families worldwide. We focus on three age groups: Children (3-8 years old), Children (6-12 years old), and Youth (12-18 years old).

We are passionate about promoting two themes: the Asian theme and the Science theme.

The Asian theme. We focus on stories and developments from Asia. Our resources fill the gap of Asian-themed children’s resources in the English-speaking market.

The Science theme. We focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) resources for children, in particular, Science and Mathematics. Many of our products are written by scientists, academics and field experts who have collaborated with us to make STEM accessible and engaging for children.

Through educational and engaging storytelling, our aim is to develop a mindset of discovery and curiosity in children, in order to prepare them for the future.

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