San’s Home
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San's Home

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San’s Home

San is in her spaceship! Lion is keeping her company. What will they see and do next? The universe is almost, but not quite, bigger than imagination. Within it, we are sheltered by a place we call ‘home’. For San, home is right here in Singapore, but San is also a child of the universe.

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ISBN 9789811243721
16 pages

About the Author

At 14, Chew Chia Shao Wei wrote an essay, “Unlikely Friends”. It won first prize in the 2009 Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition and went on to become an illustrated book, The Rock and the Bird (Epigram Books, 2013), translated into German (Der Fels und der Vogel, Jacoby & Stuart, 2014) and sold as a children’s book. San’s Home is her first book written explicitly for children — though also for the children we all remain.

Shao Wei is currently pursuing interests in history, literature, religion, politics, conflict, and social justice as a student at Harvard University. Her abiding fascination is with human experience, and how we make sense of it in the stories we tell ourselves, whatever forms our stories may take.