Our Folktales Series
Level B for Blooming (Set 1)


About the book


One cool spring day, Reuben finds a caterpillar in the school garden. He names her Maxilla and decides to keep her as a pet. He hopes to see her grow to become a butterfly. But Maxilla is a special caterpillar that can only thrive in her natural habitat. Will Reuben keep Maxilla or will he release her into the wild? This is the tough choice he has to make.

ISBN 9789811242564
24 pages

About the Author

Lianne Ong is a Singaporean children’s author and freelance writer. To date, she has published 14 children’s picture books, three of which have won prizes in the Samsung Kidstime Author’s Award in 2015 and 2016. She is best known for her Stacey & the Museums series, a 5-title series about museums in Singapore, and a non-fiction resource on hawker food, Timmy & Tammy Discover: Singapore Hawker Food.

Lianne frequently conducts writing workshops and author visits at schools, museums and libraries. Her background is in International Relations and Southeast Asian Studies. She resides in Singapore with her family.