Sisu Girls Series
Level B for Blooming (Set 2)

Brave BeachleyFearless FrostyMighty Mira

About the book

Sisu Girls Series:

SisuGirls is a global movement encouraging girls to step into themselves through sport and adventure. Sisu is a Finnish term for determination, bravery and resilience. We want all girls to have the self-belief and conviction to try new things, the tenacity to endure, and the bravery to push boundaries. We want girls to discover the outdoors, adventure and sports. Not always to compete, but to be involved, be active and most importantly to learn about themselves and others. We want girls to develop strong foundations of confidence, so they have the self-belief to follow their dreams, with sisu.

  1. Brave Beachley
    Brave Beachley tells the tale of Australian Layne Beachley and how she chased her dream to become a world champion surfer. “Because tough times are sure to happen. They are part and parcel of life’s plan. But don’t let those tough times stop you, pick yourself up and say: ‘I CAN!’”
    ISBN 9789811244780
  2. Fearless Frosty
    Fearless Frosty tells the story of New Zealander Anna Frost and how she chased her dream to become a professional mountain runner. “Whatever it is, go after it. Find the thing that makes you fly! Because one thing is for certain: You’ll never know unless you try.”
    ISBN 9789811244797
  3. Mighty Mira
    Mighty Mira tells the tale of Nepali Mira Rai and how she chased her dream to become a professional mountain runner. “The moral of my story; Live the moment, live the now. Don’t worry if you don’t know the path, Have courage, and you’ll discover how.”
    ISBN 9789811244803

24 pages

About the Author

Chloe Chick is the founder of SisuGirls, co-founder of Peaks Foundation and contributing founder of No Barriers Women. She is passionate about inspiring sisu in women and girls.