Wow Wild Asia Series
Level B for Blooming (Set 2)

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About the book

Wow Wild Asia Series:

Using animals found in Asia, Emily Lim-Leh weaves together important life lessons through delightful stories.

  1. I Really, Really Don’t Like Water!
    Boleh the otter pup really, really does not like water. Mama starts him on swimming lessons. What should he do? Can he ever get used to the water? Read Boleh’s splashy tale of learning new skills and the good surprise that comes with it.
    ISBN 9789811242526
  2. I Really, Really Don’t Like Heights!
    Sayang the Leopard cub really, really does not like heights. When Sayang playfully chases after the bird, he ends too high up in a tree. Can Bear, Monkey and Squirrel help Sayang find his footing and courage to climb down the tree?
    ISBN 9789811242540
  3. I Really, Really Don’t Like Bees!
    Tahan the bear cub really, really does not like bees. Tahan is nervous when he joins Papa for his first trip to a beehive. Will he succeed in collecting any honey? Can he ever put up with buzzing, swarming bees?”
    ISBN 9789811242526

24 pages

About the Author

Emily Lim-Leh is one of the top picture book authors in Singapore. She has written over 30 children’s picture books and received multiple book awards and accolades. Her bestselling self-published four-picture book toy series has sold 60,000 copies and has been published in five countries.

Emily was named Mediacorp’s Singapore Woman Award Honoree 2013 for inspiring readers through her children’s books and her memoir Finding My Voice, which chronicles her journey of losing her voice to a rare voice disorder and finding a new voice in writing.