The First of Everything Series
Level C for Confident (Set 2)

Stories of Tech WhizzesStories of Bright IdeasStories of Who Did it First

About the book

The First of Everything Series:

This series is a fun story collection about the origins of a huge range of things — which also introduces young readers to the art and science of academic research. In these times of fake news, information overload, and too much homework, the ability to conduct fast, accurate research is one of the best skills any student can have — and you can learn it in these pages.

  1. Stories of Tech Whizzes
    Who invented the flare gun? Who made computers sing? Who made the first GPS system? Read these five stories of tech whizzes and find the answers to these questions!

    ISBN 9789811244919

  2. Stories of Bright Ideas
    Who was the first investor? Who were the first philosophers? Who were the first people most like us today? Read these five stories of ideas people had and find the answers to these questions!

    ISBN 9789811244926

  3. Stories of Who Did it First
    Who was the first spy? Who set up the first zoo? Who was the first forensic detective? Read these five stories of who did what first and find the answers to these questions!
    ISBN 9789811244933

32 pages

About the Author

Nury Sam Jam Vittachi has written more than 50 books, sometimes using his “outer names” and sometimes his “inner names”. He is the author of more than 40 books, several of which have been published in many languages around the world. He particularly enjoys bringing science and history to life for readers young and old. He is chairman of Asia Pacific Translators & Writers, Inc., Asia’s biggest association of writers. A lecturer at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design, he teaches students how to write stories and how to create content for novels and movies.