Treasure Seekers series
Level A for Achieving (Set 2)

Myanmar: A Green TreasureCambodia: Treasure from Long AgoLaos: A Quiet TreasureBrunei: A Surprise TreasureVietnam: So Many TreasuresIndonesia: A Big TreasurePhilippines: A Happy TreasureSingapore: A Treasure HuntMalaysia: A Healing TreasureThailand: A Yummy Treasure

About the book

Treasure Seekers Series:

Treasure Seekers is a set of readers written to help children learn about the countries in South East Asia. Each story will help readers discover what each country is known for, and learn to appreciate their natural resources, wildlife, people or culture.

  1. Myanmar: A Green Treasure
    Kin and the Treasure Seekers are off to Myanmar for a colour hunt! Of all the colours they spot, find out which one is particularly special.

  2. Cambodia: Treasure from Long Ago
    Kin and the Treasure Seekers are looking for ancient treasures! Emma leads them to Cambodia to discover many old and magnificent things.

  3. Laos: A Quiet Treasure
    Kin and the Treasure Seekers head to Laos! What sort of quiet, mysterious treasure will they discover? Follow them to find out!

  4. Brunei: A Surprise Treasure
    Kin and the Treasure Seekers are eager to explore Brunei! Of all the interesting things they find, which is the greatest surprise of all?

  5. Vietnam: So Many Treasures
    Kin and the Treasure Seekers are trying to capture a beautiful photo for a competition. But there are so many sights in Vietnam! Who will take the best photo?

  6. Singapore: A Treasure Hunt
    Kin and the Treasure Seekers head to Singapore to hunt for treasure! Of all the sights and sounds, what is the treasure? Find out what they discover!

  7. Malaysia: A Healing Treasure
    Some villagers are sick and need help. Kin and the Treasure Seekers walk through the rainforest to search for a cure and discover healing treasures!

  8. Indonesia: A Big Treasure
    “There are no treasures in my land,” Kin says with a groan. Three ancient statues hear his cry and come alive! Follow them as they comb through Indonesia.

  9. Philippines: A Happy Treasure
    Kin and the Treasure Seekers hear music and follow it to the Philippines. What will they discover there? And who owns the costume they found?

  10. Thailand: A Yummy Treasure
    What does Thailand have that smells so good? Kin and the Treasure Seekers are off to find the treasure and fill their tummies!

16 pages

About the Author

Esther Eio believes that everyone should use their greatest treasure to bless society and be blessed by it. This was taught to her by her parents and thus she chose the Early Childhood industry. Esther is currently an adjunct lecturer at National Institute of Early Childhood Development, deployed to tutor at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. At the same time, she runs a curriculum company that provides curriculum services to preschools, primary school and museums.