Akbar and Birbal
Level C for Confident (Set 5)

Birbal in CourtBirbal Solves ProblemsAkbar and Birbal Receive GuestsBirbal’s TestsBirbal’s WitAkbar and Birbal Get Out of Sticky SituationsAkbar and Birbal Serve Justice

About the book

Akbar and Birbal Series:

Birbal, an advisor in the court of King Akbar, handles various tricky situations faced by his ruler using his sharp intellect and humour. Read on to discover these witty stories from India!

  1. Birbal in Court
    Every day in court presents a new challenge for King Akbar and Birbal! From competition with the other advisors to answering hard questions, see how Birbal navigates his new job and becomes King Akbar’s most trusted advisor.
    Let’s take a look at Birbal at work! Will King Akbar’s court prove to be too much for him to handle?

  2. Birbal Solves Problems
    Birbal is not only smart, he is also a much-needed helping hand. The people in King Akbar’s kingdom flock to him for solutions. Each problem gets harder than the next — will Birbal be able to resolve everyone’s troubles?
    In this book, see how Birbal uses his critical thinking skills. No problem is too hard for him, and Birbal’s creative ways of solving them will surprise you!

  3. Akbar and Birbal Receive Guests
    Akbar and Birbal are always receiving guests. Sometimes the guests come with problems that need to be solved, and sometimes they come with tests that need to be passed. Regardless, Akbar and Birbal will be best hosts they can be!
    Can Akbar and Birbal extend the hand of hospitality, even to the most trying of guests?

  4. Birbal’s Tests
    Sometimes, people just can’t believe how smart Birbal is. Even Akbar! To remind himself and everyone else just how capable his advisor is, Akbar puts Akbar’s wits to the test. Birbal never fails to exceed everyone’s expectations. Just how does he keep proving himself time and again?
    Keep the trials coming! Birbal will only pass these tests with flying colours!

  5. Birbal’s Wit
    In every situation, Birbal thinks quickly, and out of the box. His creative answers surprise everyone. When you need an example of a wit, look no further than Birbal! His quick thinking is always inventive.
    In this book, we’ll see just how Birbal’s sharp mind works in all different situations.

  6. Akbar and Birbal Get Out of Sticky Situations
    Akbar and Birbal are in sticky situations every day. That means tricks from those in their own court, from other nations, and even people who come to visit them! With much at risk, Akbar and Birbal have to find ways to get out of these tight spots.
    How will they get out of these sticky situations? Or will they get into even more trouble?

  7. Akbar and Birbal Serve Justice
    Being the ruler of a kingdom means Akbar has a duty to ensure his people don’t suffer from injustices. The job of determining right from wrong, and punishing those who gain at the expense of others falls to Akbar and Birbal.
    How will they serve justice, and help the good triumph over the bad?

32 pages