Discovering Mathematics
Level A for Achieving (Set 3)

Going HomeHide-and-seekThe Class PartyOne More PleaseThe Candyfloss QueueLost in the ForestWe Make a Good TeamThe December Birthday

About the book

Discovering Mathematics Series:

The World of Discovery collection is a specially curated selection of children’s books that focus on discovering Asia and discovering STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Under the guidance of Dr Ruth Y L Wong, these books aim to promote reading for pleasure, while exciting kids through discovery. With over 100 books in the collection, the books are divided into three levels depending on the child’s reading ability: A (Achieving), B (Blooming) and C (Confident). The Level A Set 3 features eight titles, all on the theme of mathematics. Each book includes a story-based activity at the end of the books to help parents and educators get children to engage with the story.

Intended outcomes of Level B include teaching children to be able to:

  • hold a book correctly
  • read high frequency words
  • match beginning sounds
  • recognise familiar words
  • talk about pictures in the book
  • enjoy being read to

Includes these 8 titles:

  1. Going Home
  2. Hide-and-seek
  3. The Class Party
  4. One More Please
  5. The Candyfloss Queue
  6. Lost in the Forest
  7. We Make a Good Team
  8. The December Birthday

16 pages