How to combine sibling-bonding, learning and play, all in the comfort of your home!


Find out how to help your kids improve their relationship with one another while learning through play with ‘The Happy Learning Book for Siblings‘ by the creator of Happy Tot Shelf

Need ideas on how to keep your children engaged? How about ideas that help your kids explore and grow their creativity together?

Fynn Sor’s new book may have just what you need.

The Happy Learning Book for Siblings features 50 hands-on activities you can conduct in the comfort of your home. They are divided into five learning areas (Literacy, Numeracy, Discovery of the World, Motor Skills and Sensory Play, Arts and Crafts), and are scaled for children of different ages to experience together.

This book is designed to get your children (and you!) started on learning and playing together. Every activity is designed for siblings to have fun at home and uses mostly common household items or craft materials. The book includes step-by-step instructions, vivid photographs, and ideas to adapt the activity for older or younger siblings. Spark hours of joyful learning and playful moments for your children, from toddlers to preschoolers and school-aged kids!

The Happy Learning Book for Siblings retails in paperback and hardcover as well as electronic formats. To order or know more about the book, visit

Advance praise for The Happy Learning Book for Siblings

“Thank you, Fynn, for creating such a special book on the importance of sibling relationships. Fynn’s emphasis on play and multi-age learning as a driving force for curating a lifelong sibling bond is so valuable.”

Susie Allison, author and creator of Busy Toddler

“This is a brilliant book. Fynn creates projects and activities that engage children’s curious minds, build sibling relationships, foster creativity, and promote play. Fynn shows us how having fun and learning go hand in hand.”

Autumn Vandiver, preschool teacher and parent coach

“This book is an inspiring collection of practical and thoughtful activities for families to enjoy. I particularly love the quick and easy setups which help alleviate the pressures of coordinating activities for my children. This book has become a must-have in my family and I highly recommend it for yours.”

Myriam Sandler, creator of MOTHERCOULD

“An engaging book that helps children to learn important developmental and social skills while entertaining themselves. A must-have book to bring siblings together and reinforce their unbeatable bond (while giving busy parents a much needed break).”

Agnes Hsu, creator of kids craft site

“Fynn is the best at creating simple, educational activities that siblings can do together at home. I love that this book allows all my kids to play and engage, while learning at their own pace.”

Andrea Scalzo Yi, founder of and
author of 100 Easy STEAM Activities:
Awesome Hands-On Projects for Aspiring Artists and Engineers

“The ideas in this book are ingenious and you’ll be left saying, ‘Thanks, Fynn, for helping me create happy learners.'”

Ruth Wan-Lau, author of the Timmy and Tammy series

“Fynn’s dedication to early childhood and sibling learning is breathtaking. Everything Fynn creates is thoughtfully designed to guide children through hands-on, inspiring play ideas.”

Beth Rosenbleeth, creator of Days with Grey

“Fynn makes learning fun with 50 easy activities that use mostly common household items. I love that you can involve all of your kids to do them together.”

Kimberly McLeod, creator of

“Fynn has written such a helpful resource for parents of toddlers through school-aged children. I would recommend this book to all moms like myself with multiple children at home.”

Molly Isaacson, mom of 3 and creator of Little Ones Learn

“If you have multiple children, this is the book for you. Fynn does an amazing job of simplifying things for parents, in a smart and do-able way!”

Michelle Nash, mom of 3 and creator of 7 Days of Play

About the Author

Fynn is the creator of Happy Tot Shelf, a popular website that champions playful, hands-on learning to nurture the love of learning in children. Happy Tot Shelf has amassed an international following of over 300,000 across various social media platforms, and millions of others have benefited from Fynn’s passion to equip parents with creative learning ideas to raise happy little learners. Fynn lives in Singapore with her husband and three children. You can find her on Instagram @happytotshelf.

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