Science Pop! Magazine

Science Pop! magazine

Science Pop! Magazine
A full-colour STEAM-themed magazine for primary schoolers.

With 16 full-colour pages of stories, comics, fun facts and activities, Science Pop!, the latest collaboration between Science Centre Singapore’s KidsSTOP™ and World Scientific Education, will excite children and enable them to expand their understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM), by leaps and bounds.

The quarterly newsletter is developed by the Science Centre Singapore’s KidsSTOP™ team, known for its creative and vibrant programmes dedicated to engaging children, to help them imagine, experience, discover and dream.

In the first issue, kids learn how to play their part as a little eco-warrior that can make a difference in saving the environment. They will be delighted at how easy it is to make their very own solar oven that can cook food. They will also pick up important tips on avoiding food wastage, and learn so much more!

In the second issue, kids will discover more about their body! They will be thoroughly engaged in the creation of their very own sensory bin and learn more about their family members. Kids will also learn about their fingerprints, their emotions and even more about themselves!

In the third issue, kids explore various occupations in their community. They will learn to build a rescue device, experimenting with different materials to see what floats or sinks. In this issue, kids will also learn about urban farming and the tools of various trades, enriching their knowledge on our community!

In the fourth issue, kids are exposed to our environment. They will take a trip to the Arctic, intertidal zones, and more! This issue will also teach them how to make a nature journal, one that will accompany them through their journey of exploration in our environment.

Science Pop! magazine

Themes for 2022:

  • Sustainability & Green Efforts (Jan 2022)
  • Myself, My Mind & Body (Apr 2022)
  • My Community (Aug 2022)
  • The Environment (Feb 2023)

Science Pop! magazine

Themes for 2023:

  • The Environment (Feb 2023)
  • Animals (Jun 2023)
  • Space (Oct 2023)

Themes for 2024:

  • Transportation (Jan 2024)

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